Joanne Gallant-Chilton - Abstract Artist

About Me

I have explored many mediums of creative expression and have previously worked with contemplative photography, acrylic and watercolor painting and jewellery making to bring this about.  

I now use oil and mixed media painting as my creative medium, and am passionate about the abstract form of expression.  I take my queues from nature, travel, found objects and history, and the colour palate I use is keenly influenced by the seasons.  I typically use cold wax, oil paint, powdered pigments, pastels, charcoal, and paper to add depth and expression to my pieces, often resulting in many layers and textures in the finished works.

My artwork has been exhibited in galleries throughout Nova Scotia and PEI, with many pieces held in private collections across North America.

I live and work in Nova Scotia, with my husband and two cats, and love traveling when I can.