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Purging is Good

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What was it that made us joyful and content when we were children and what gave us the feeling deep inside time did not exist?  I have been thinking a lot about this lately purging myself of old unused and outdated items i’ve collected over the years.  So why am i tossing out so much stuff?  There are many reasons why, one is simplifying my living space and practicing letting go of material possessions that no longer hold any meaning.   For myself,  the process of elimination seems to open a door to new ways of seeing and being.
So back to the question, what was it that brought meaning and joy to my life as a child?  Many things come to mind, the art of creating something from nothing is one, and connecting with nature.   Photography was another passion and joy of mine, and still is. I remember spending many hours as a child going through boxes of black and white photos dreaming up stories and feeling the energy of people i knew and didn’t know.  I loved making pictures with my simple little red camera, even if i didn’t have a clue what it meant to follow the rules of composition. Today, I hold the best affordable camera for landscape photography in my hand, reminiscing the old times wherein I had to carry out a different process for photography. So, in my purging process, i have decided to still keep photography in my life but only for the joy of it.   As for the marketing, promoting, exhibiting and  financial investment, i have decided i cannot continue on that path. That part i am letting go of since there is no joy in going broke and being burnt out.    That being said i will still exhibit and sell my work online and from my studio only on a much smaller scale.   Next spring i will be selling MANY unframed and framed prints at a discount so please send me a private email if you are interested in anything.  If there’s an interest in purchasing several prints i am willing to set up a payment plan i know you’ll be happy with.   I still have copies of the book  “Wings to Fly” and will sell at $10.00 a copy.  These books would make great fund raisers for any event, spas or a b&b.  If anyone is wanting  a box ( 42 in a box ) i am willing to sell at a reasonable price.
I have much more to write about regarding purging and childhood passions but enough said for today.  The process is about my shift into a new direction, in time i will continue to update my blog to let everyone know what is happening.  For now, time to relax a little and enjoy the toasty fire i have on with a cuppa herbal tea while listening to beautiful sounds of Kevin Wood.     Kevin Wood ~ Peace Within
So what was it that made your heart sing as a child?
Until next time Love and Light

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