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Progreso Mexico

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Progreso, Mexico has a lot of charm and fairly inexpensive accomodations, food and drinks. For $46.00 CAD a night you can find a hotel with 2 double beds, balcony with ocean view on Hotel Playa Linda is one that has such a view and has clean affordable rooms.

Meals can vary depending on the restaurants. Some will offer free appetizers, a full basket of nachos, salsa, bean dip and hot dips that can easily fill a person up before the meal. A great restaurant to check out is the Milk Bar and B&B. This place is less than a year old but has great food and excellent service. We got to know the owner Charlie and he’s a pretty cool guy, with always a smile and very accommodating regarding food choices etc. For fellow Canadians don’t be surprised if you hear someone singing Farewell to Nova Scotia here on a Friday night. Lots of positive things to say about this place, the food, atmosphere, staff are all great, and it’s got a wonderful view.

Progreso Mexico has a lot of beach area which is not overly crowded like many of the popular beaches in the Yucatan. If you enjoy photography there are plenty washed up boats and interesting things to see on the beach. Late in the day a soft warm light that can bring magic to any beach shot. The climate is much cooler than Merida with a lovely warm tropical breeze throughout the day and in the evenings. Progreso Mexico is a lazy port town with cruise ships that arrives once or twice a week. You won’t find big crowds, galleries or a whole lot of things to do in Progreso other than take in a mini tour, sun bathe, eat, and just relax. A bus to Merida is roughly an hour.

Not far from Progreso worthy of seeing are Maya ruins in Xcambo and the Ecolodical park El Corchito. This park has a few Cenotes you don’t want to miss, and a small walking trail where you might just see baby alligators, some turtles and raccoons lazily enjoying the afternoon sun. This mini tour can be done directly from Progreso from any tourist company at a fairly reasonable price.

Getting there from Merida is easy and it generally is an hour bus drive. If you are staying in Merida the hotel can call a taxi ( about 50 pesos ) to the bus station depending on where your hotel is located.

Late March and early April is extremely hot in Merida, Progreso is a bit cooler and an excellent place to cool off.

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