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One Camera, One Lens – just the basics

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Tennis elbow is excruciatingly painful, making it difficult to grasp onto objects, leaving the opposite arm to do most of the work.  Thank god therapy is kicking in and i can now lift my morning coffee cup almost pain-free.   Since i am still on the mend, another good reason to simplify my camera equipment for the trip to Peru.   Thanks to assistant manager, Lori Buhlman at Henrys on Susie LK she was able to help me slim down to one camera, one lens method and that suits me just fine.  Well, i haven’t purchased that new lens i was eyeing yesterday but i sure did have very vivid dreams about it last night.  Great to know i can trade in my old camera lens and get a fair value towards a new one.

I now have 2 spiffy new batteries, my other batteries are older and it’s hard to tell at this point how much juice is left. Yes rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.  Somehow it doesn’t seem right but i guess that’s technology.  Next item on my list, 1 – 32GB compactFlash card.  This will come in handy when i’m away from my home base and laptop for more than a few days.  Next important thing to stick in your bag are rain sleeves for your camera to protect it from the rain.   Don’t forget to find a good, versatile camera bag that doesn’t scream a well known label and look at me i’m a tourist.

It’s time to gather up my dusty bits of equipment and look at trading it in.  Thanks Lori for your help and expertise yesterday at Henrys.  I’ll be back soon for that lens.







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