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More about Portugal and travel in general

While there are many great and wonderful places to see and do in Portugal, do take time to do the research beforehand. This is important! Enjoy the great outdoors the right way with Techie Camper’s resources and beginner tips.


If traveling alone, put together a travel budget, unexpected things can occur and it’s best to be prepared.

Before you travel, make sure to have your visa ready, like for a Digital Émigré interested in moving to Portugal, the D7 Visa is one of the best options available. 

Now, try to pick an area that has a good variety of things to see and has easy access to local transportation. Research the area first to see what the place has to offer, does it have small cafes, what are the restaurant prices like, are there plenty of galleries, museums, shops to explore. What’s outside the area that might be of importance and are there tours to and from the place.  Know your needs and what your budget is for rentals, homestays etc. If you plan to stay a month or longer it might be more practical to rent a small studio with a kitchenette for space and to cut costs on eating out every night.

Much of the information for research can be found online, TripAdvisor, homestay, airbnb are good sites to look for accommodations and providing answers. is another reliable site for accommodations.

A little break down on food costs, a salad can range anywhere from 4 euros to 8 euros, a full main meal can run between 10 euros to 18 euros depending on the dish and if you include drinks.  A good way to convert currency is using a currency converter such as   $10 Euros as of today equals roughly $14.00 Canadian dollars.  Bank on spending about  50.00 per day on food, and drinks. It might seem a bit high but counting afternoon tea, espresso with dessert is reasonable to say 3-5 euros for a sweet tooth.  Rooms can vary depending on length of stay and whether you decide to rent an apartment or stay at a hotel. Five star luxury is not in my budget so I go for cheap, clean and friendly. A homestay can be anywhere from $100.00 wk to more depending on the area. Some homestays will even pick you up at the airport for a small fee and will act like a private guide for a small fee. A good homestay is worth it, they know the area, and know the history so you get much more than using a guide book.

Until next time, happy trails!!

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  1. Thank you for your time to share this info with me. I’ll archive it and use it when needed. I’m not keen on traveling alone, but who knows, I may change, but at my age, I doubt it.

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