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Jhoana’s Family

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Yesterday, I was invited to join Jhoana and family for a meal and the day together in her town Anta. Jhoana’s mother Isabel prepared a delicious meal of finely chopped fresh fish done in lemon juice with slivered onions on a leaf of lettuce.  Sliced sweet potatoes on lay on the side and rice with vegetables shaped into a perfect mound. Even though i am transitioning to a vegan lifestyle i was not about to be picky or say no but this time i wanted to simply enjoy this wonderful dish that Isabel prepared with love.

Before the meal, Jhoana, her brother Jhunior and i spent time walking through corn fields and rail tracks translating english and spanish words and showing what plants were used for teas to cure colds and flu.  After our walk Jhoana, her sister Iris, mother Isabel and i walked to the market for fresh vegetables and took a three wheel motor taxi back home.   When we returned home i was gestured to sit and have coca tea,  first i tried chewing on a coca leaf, i must admit tea is better.  While sipping my coca tea, I helped little Iris peel the husks from the corn and learned nothing goes to waste.  We tore husks into small pieces and fed them to the guinea pigs the family raises. Iris took the silk part from the cobs into the house to use for tea.

Yesterday was special, from start to end we each shared goodness and joy with one another…isn’t that what being human is all about.  And little Iris certainly made my heart smile.












































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