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Happy 2014 – A few thoughts…and Questions to reflect on

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I am listening to best of vocal new age, and loving the relaxing meditative sounds on this amazing day Jan 1st 2014.  One song i particularly resonate with that just came on is by Chris Michell called “i can live in Peace.”  in fact i loved it so much i had to purchase the cd. The radio station  has a lot of wonderful music and advertising free which i love.  Unfortunately the song file i purchased is too large or i would post it but you might catch the song playing on

Just laying here on the sofa and enjoying the glorious sunlight streaming through the sunroom windows and reflecting a little on 2013 and feeling excited about the promises of a fantastic 2014.

A few days ago i was feeling quite sad, mostly about christmas and my own fantasy around what i think it should be. If i want things to be different, i have to make it different…this is my own realization.  Secondly, i am becoming more strangely sensitive, the christmas tree i have at home ( below  picture ) spoke to me the other day telepathically as i was driving home. I’m not kidding.. but suddenly the words that came to me from the tree was.. “you dressed me up so pretty, i gave you joy, love and the light you so needed, my needles i dropped but a few but now i’m feeling sad and blue because soon you will strip me of all the beauty  and i will be nothing more than a tossed out tree.”  I’m not looking forward to saying good bye to tree, in fact i’m quite teary eyed over this process.  I’m not so certain next christmas i’ll have a real tree, it really does mean taking a life…..hmm i just now heard a still wee voice telling me a little hypocritical now aren’t we.. you burn wood in the stove but cry over a christmas tree..

I just now received this reflective list of questions from a very dear creative friend, tonight might be the right time to sit in solitude and reflect on these questions below. I am definitely going to do this. If anyone cares to do this and share the experience please send me a little email.

first ask for 2013:

  1. What am i grateful for in 2013?
  2. Who am i grateful for in 2013?
  3. Who do i love?
  4. What am i proud of in 2013?

Then ask for 2014:

  1. What am i looking forward to in 2014?
  2. How would i like to feel in 2014?
  3. What would make my heart sing in 2014?
  4. What am i excited about in 2014?

wishing everyone much love, peace, healing and joy.  may all hearts be open,  ready for giving and receiving.

Happy New Year!!

~ joanne







2 Responses

  1. Hi Joanne,

    Just a thought about a way to continue to honour your tree….stick it outside up against a wall or in a hedge where it will be stable and it can offer protection to birds, especially if you have birdfeeders, put it somewhere nearby, and they can take refuge in it going back and forth the the feeder. Or put it in a pot and stand it by our front door, it will stay green all winter. And I understand the mixed feelings at Christmas…expectations of idealized xmasses. You are right, you have to create what you want it to be and what you want it to mean.If there are no parents or kids around as in my case, I enjoy it by spending cosy time watching movies which we don’t normally do, and also making an effort to either have people in for dinner or go out with them, even if just for breakfast. Making use of slower times to reconnect. Happy New Year xo

  2. hi Mary, thanks for the suggestion, i have a few bird feeders around and will look for a perfect spot for this little tree so it can feel useful and happy again.

    i will have a year to plan out something for next christmas, i would like it to be different for sure. happy new year to you both as well.

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