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Creating Sacred Grids, Mexico, Ireland & Nova Scotia

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Here is a quote I would like to share from a book I have started to read quite recently called Pleiadian Principles for Living by Christine Day. From the chapter titled Pre-agreements with others on this Earth Plane.
“There are some soul groups that have pre-agreed to be together at this time to assist in anchoring grids, hold grid lines, and fulfilling projects together. Part of these soul groups missions is to witness each other in the individual birthing process, as well as the birthing of a deep union within the full group.” This quote came to mean a great deal to me particularly now since over the past few months and years I have felt directed to form healing and communication grids.

A few weeks before my travels to Mexico I felt a strong desire to create a sacred energy grid. This Energy Grid connection was actually communicated telepathically to me on Christmas Day, 2015. This was during a full moon and one that is considered a rare event. The next full moon on Christmas Day will take place in 2034.

Christmas Day was an amazingly sunny day, we raked the dead leaves outside on our property and cleaned up the medicine wheel that I had found through dowsing and created a few years ago. This cleansing act felt important as it brought renewal, gratitude, clarity and spiritual connection in a more deeper level to my sacred space. That day I placed incense around the circle to show my appreciation and played my Tibetan singing bowl. That evening I placed candles around the circle while the brilliance of the moon cascaded across the healing stone that is in the centre of the circle. I also formed a small table grid inside my home where my meditation space is located. My intention was to connect with other sacred grids who asked for permission or that I felt needed to be connected.  One of these places who wanted to connect grids came through from New Orleans, this request was just the start. I should make it clear that the grid inside also connects with the large medicine wheel I have outside. They are both energy places on my property that have energy lines that connect to each other and can used as a tool to receive messages or for energy healing.

A few weeks later after the clean-up of the medicine wheel, I felt directed to connect the outside medicine wheel grid to the sacred sites of Chichen Itza, and with a special place in Ireland. The area in Ireland where one of my pebbles have been placed is where my friend is currently visiting.

From the messages I received from my guides through telepathic contact they felt it was important to use pebbles from our location ( Nova Scotia ) to align energetically from points within Nova Scotia to Chichen Itza, and to Ireland. These pebbles would act as a communication system for Nova Scotia, Ireland and Mexico. The connections could be activated through meditation, prayer or asking spirit guides or star connection to link us to these sites. As I’m told the time and how this connection is done will not matter. Each person involved will know when the time is right.

On March 10th 2016 as I walked towards the first place at Chichen Itza to leave a pebble I quickly looked at my clock for no real reason and the time was exactly 11:11am NS time, as I stood in front of the Temple of the Great Ball Court in Chichen Itza, I knew this was the signal that I was in the right place and was meant to carry out this procedure.

I feel these places below where sacred pebbles have been placed are now activated.
Chichen Itza, Group to the East, Temple of the Warriors now has a pyramid pebble.
My egg shape pebble is located at the Ball Court inside a small hole in the wall. The circular pebble has been placed at Platform of Venus.

Apologies,I will leave the names of the people who are connected with these grids anonymous, but will share my own experience.

As I laid down in meditation yesterday I had a vision of my pebble that is now resting in Ireland, there just slightly above my egg shape pebble was a slow spiralling Merkabah.

May the wisdom of the ancient ones communicate through multi dimensions, time and space. The sacred grid has now been formed, as above so below. Blessings.


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