More about Portugal and travel in general

While there are many great and wonderful places to see and do in Portugal, do take time to do the research beforehand. This is important!  Tips: If traveling alone, put together a travel budget, unexpected things can occur and it’s best to be prepared. Before you travel, make sure to have your visa ready, like […]

Lisbon and Homestay

From Portugal If you are looking for a truly unique experience try a homestay.  I highly recommend staying here with Maria, she is remarkable, speaks very good English and knows where all her little ( secret ) places to see, in and around Lisbon.  You will soon realize that you have met a dear sweet friend. […]

Dia De Los Muertos – Celebrating Death in San Miguel

“The Mexican is familiar with death, jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it; it is one of his toys and his most steadfast love.” ~ Octavio Paz Death intrigues me.   Perhaps it is a morbid fascination, but I do reflect on it deeply at times. We usually panic a little when we […]

Progreso Mexico

Progreso, Mexico has a lot of charm and fairly inexpensive accomodations, food and drinks. For $46.00 CAD a night you can find a hotel with 2 double beds, balcony with ocean view on Hotel Playa Linda is one that has such a view and has clean affordable rooms. Meals can vary depending on the […]

Blue Alpaca Restaurant and Lounge

I just had a late lunch at The Blue Alpaca located on Choquechaca Street No 278 around the corner from SAE in Cusco, Peru in the San Blas area.  Carmen, the owner and her son Chef Danny did a wonderful vegetarian dish called Papa a la huancaina, ( potatoes in spicy sauce ) to die […]

Jhoana’s Family

  Yesterday, I was invited to join Jhoana and family for a meal and the day together in her town Anta. Jhoana’s mother Isabel prepared a delicious meal of finely chopped fresh fish done in lemon juice with slivered onions on a leaf of lettuce.  Sliced sweet potatoes on lay on the side and rice […]

Finding my way around

Slowly finding my way around Cusco by map, also the folks at South American Explorers Clubhouse have been very helpful.  Found the ScotiaBank and exchanged some currency showing only my South American Explorers membership card. Lots of hills and cobblestone streets around here and dog poop everywhere.  Haven’t seen one cat since i’ve been here […]

Buenos días

Arrived in Cusco yesterday afternoon and altitude sickness hit the moment i stepped of the plane.  It felt like i was walking in slow motion for most of the day.  Symptoms were harsh, shortness of breath, slightly blurred vision, weakness, head felt like it would burst. Kept waking up through the night from breathing difficulties. […]

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