Please Hear What I’m Not Saying

  While i was cleaning and purging the office in my home recently, i stumbled upon a very lengthy old poem i had sitting in a file along with a few other articles.  The poem doesn’t have a date or signed by anyone other than at the end signed Anon and in brackets ( When you […]

Happy 2014 – A few thoughts…and Questions to reflect on

I am listening to best of vocal new age, and loving the relaxing meditative sounds on this amazing day Jan 1st 2014.  One song i particularly resonate with that just came on is by Chris Michell called “i can live in Peace.”  in fact i loved it so much i had to purchase […]

Purging is Good

What was it that made us joyful and content when we were children and what gave us the feeling deep inside time did not exist?  I have been thinking a lot about this lately purging myself of old unused and outdated items i’ve collected over the years.  So why am i tossing out so much […]