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Blue Alpaca Restaurant and Lounge

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I just had a late lunch at The Blue Alpaca located on Choquechaca Street No 278 around the corner from SAE in Cusco, Peru in the San Blas area.  Carmen, the owner and her son Chef Danny did a wonderful vegetarian dish called Papa a la huancaina, ( potatoes in spicy sauce ) to die for and tangy peppery Celery Sopa ( raw food ) garnished with avocado and sprinkle of cheese.

The atmosphere at Blue Alpaca is uplifting, clean and friendly.  If you are ever in the Cusco area be sure to look this place up.  Carmen, the owner is very social and speaks good english.  The menu has a great selection of food from traditional Peruvian dishes, Italian and Mexican meat dishes with a lot of fancy juices, cocktails, hot and cold beverages, appetizers and sandwiches.  Not a meat eater… no problem, Carmen and her son, Chef Danny will fix up a delicious vegetarian dish just for you.  Carmen will be changing her menu and will soon be adding new dishes.

Food was so good i was tempted to lick my plate after.  I give it a 5 star.

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