Jhoana’s Family

  Yesterday, I was invited to join Jhoana and family for a meal and the day together in her town Anta. Jhoana’s mother Isabel prepared a delicious meal of finely chopped fresh fish done in lemon juice with slivered onions on a leaf of lettuce.  Sliced sweet potatoes on lay on the side and rice […]

Finding my way around

Slowly finding my way around Cusco by map, also the folks at South American Explorers Clubhouse have been very helpful.  Found the ScotiaBank and exchanged some currency showing only my South American Explorers membership card. Lots of hills and cobblestone streets around here and dog poop everywhere.  Haven’t seen one cat since i’ve been here […]

Buenos días

Arrived in Cusco yesterday afternoon and altitude sickness hit the moment i stepped of the plane.  It felt like i was walking in slow motion for most of the day.  Symptoms were harsh, shortness of breath, slightly blurred vision, weakness, head felt like it would burst. Kept waking up through the night from breathing difficulties. […]

Five more days

Ok so i lied about the one lens and one camera body in an earlier post.  I broke down and bought a 50mm lens, ( yet another trade in added into the equation )  my gosh it’s worth it to.   Henry’s you’ve been too good to me!! So am i good to go?  I […]

2012 is here!!

Simply tickled pink.  No fear, just a sigh of relief a fresh new canvas to work with. Peace, Blessings, Good health and Joy to everyone!!

Hot Cider, Winter Solstice with a little Cheer on the side

The shortest day of the year was on Dec 21, 2011, so now we’re on our way to the light again. Maybe that’s the reason why i feel a need to honour this new day by burning sage, hot cider, fire and listening to peaceful music.  Later in the afternoon a solstice get together with […]

One Camera, One Lens – just the basics

Tennis elbow is excruciatingly painful, making it difficult to grasp onto objects, leaving the opposite arm to do most of the work.  Thank god therapy is kicking in and i can now lift my morning coffee cup almost pain-free.   Since i am still on the mend, another good reason to simplify my camera equipment […]

Countdown – 57 days Cusco, Peru

I am reading a book titled, Shaman, Healer, Sage by Alberto Villoldo,Ph.D and i am finding it extremely powerful medicine. Chapter 3 he discusses layers of the Luminous Energy Field and says, “the luminous Energy Field contains an archive of all of our personal and ancestral memories, of all early-life trauma, and even of painful […]

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