More about Portugal and travel in general

While there are many great and wonderful places to see and do in Portugal, do take time to do the research beforehand. This is important!  Tips: If traveling alone, put together a travel budget, unexpected things can occur and it’s best to be prepared. Before you travel, make sure to have your visa ready, like […]

Lisbon and Homestay

From Portugal If you are looking for a truly unique experience try a homestay.  I highly recommend staying here with Maria, she is remarkable, speaks very good English and knows where all her little ( secret ) places to see, in and around Lisbon.  You will soon realize that you have met a dear sweet friend. […]

Dia De Los Muertos – Celebrating Death in San Miguel

“The Mexican is familiar with death, jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, celebrates it; it is one of his toys and his most steadfast love.” ~ Octavio Paz Death intrigues me.   Perhaps it is a morbid fascination, but I do reflect on it deeply at times. We usually panic a little when we […]

Progreso Mexico

Progreso, Mexico has a lot of charm and fairly inexpensive accomodations, food and drinks. For $46.00 CAD a night you can find a hotel with 2 double beds, balcony with ocean view on Hotel Playa Linda is one that has such a view and has clean affordable rooms. Meals can vary depending on the […]

Creating Sacred Grids, Mexico, Ireland & Nova Scotia

Here is a quote I would like to share from a book I have started to read quite recently called Pleiadian Principles for Living by Christine Day. From the chapter titled Pre-agreements with others on this Earth Plane. “There are some soul groups that have pre-agreed to be together at this time to assist in […]

Please Hear What I’m Not Saying

  While i was cleaning and purging the office in my home recently, i stumbled upon a very lengthy old poem i had sitting in a file along with a few other articles.  The poem doesn’t have a date or signed by anyone other than at the end signed Anon and in brackets ( When you […]

The Basics of Dowsing

The Basics of Dowsing by Joanne Gallant-Chilton The definition of dowsing varies for each of us. I think of dowsing as energy, energy that comes from the subconscious. A calm mind, a loving heart and the use of simple dowsing tools gives us access to a wealth of information that we may not have otherwise […]

Happy 2014 – A few thoughts…and Questions to reflect on

I am listening to best of vocal new age, and loving the relaxing meditative sounds on this amazing day Jan 1st 2014.  One song i particularly resonate with that just came on is by Chris Michell called “i can live in Peace.”  in fact i loved it so much i had to purchase […]

Purging is Good

What was it that made us joyful and content when we were children and what gave us the feeling deep inside time did not exist?  I have been thinking a lot about this lately purging myself of old unused and outdated items i’ve collected over the years.  So why am i tossing out so much […]

Blue Alpaca Restaurant and Lounge

I just had a late lunch at The Blue Alpaca located on Choquechaca Street No 278 around the corner from SAE in Cusco, Peru in the San Blas area.  Carmen, the owner and her son Chef Danny did a wonderful vegetarian dish called Papa a la huancaina, ( potatoes in spicy sauce ) to die […]