It Matters What We Believe

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I discovered another poem from my file when I was purging dated back to the 80’s I’m sure.  There is a signature on the bottom of this poem.  Sophia Lyon Fahs and found a couple of interesting sites with the poem on it.  One of those sites is The Journey of a 1000 Miles. Interesting site for anyone wishing to explore.

This was taken from Wikipedia.  Sophia Blanche Lyon Fahs ( August 2, 1876 – April 14, 1978 was an editor, author, teacher and religious activist who led a revolution in Unitarian religious education. Fahs’ teaching and writing focused on a method of experiential learning that she hoped would enable children to develop their own ideas about religion and spirituality.

I really love this poem as it expresses so much of where i’m at in regards to spiritual beliefs. I am open to the many ways humanity celebrates and practices faith. I take what feels right and leave the rest.  Sophia uses words like expansive, beliefs are like sunshine, while other beliefs are rigid, like the body of death.  Definitely worth reflecting on, I hope you enjoy.



It Matters What We Believe

Some beliefs are like walled gardens.  They

encourage exclusiveness, and the feeling of being

especially privileged.

Other beliefs are expansive and lead the way

into wider and deeper sympathies.

Some beliefs are like shadows, clouding

children’s days with fears of unknown calamities.

Other beliefs are like sunshine, blessing

children with the warmth of happiness.

Some beliefs are divisive, separating the saved

from the unsaved, friends from enemies.

Other beliefs are bonds in a world

community, where sincere differences

beautify the pattern.

Some beliefs are like blinders, shutting off the

power to choose one’s own direction.

Other beliefs are like gateways opening wide

vistas for exploration.

Some beliefs weaken a person’s selfhood.  They

blight the growth of resourcefulness.

Other beliefs untrue self-confidence and

enrich the feeling of personal worth.

Some beliefs are rigid, like the body of death,

impotent in a changing world.

Other beliefs are pliable, like the young

sapling, ever growing with the upward trust

of life.

~ Sophia Lyon Fahs



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